About the book…

Human Coherence, meditations on the parts that make us whole  was first shown to me in a dream.  In my dream I held it and flipped through its pages. I awoke with 3 words: verses celebrating Humanness… no name, no subject, no instructions or insight as to how to proceed, just the fact that I saw it, I held it and flipped its pages, and knew it to be mine when I did. Oh, and in my dream, it was larger and impossibly light for its size.

HC Cover 2000The journey to its completion is measured in years and spans periods of time more precious to me than I ever realized they were at the time, for the people and the sweet drive of a heartfelt purpose they contained. I am so very humbled by the first people who have responded to my verses.  To actually be of help in times when reminders of simple basic truths can help hold the ready steady, is an honor.

And, it’s not about me. It’s about US, all of us, ALL OF US, no exceptions. It’s about waking up to what Love and Life really are, and making new choices. It’s about compassion and cooperative systems and taking ourselves to a whole new level of expression, together. It’s about choosing to call things by their right names and committing to honest participation and accountability.

The pivot we each need to make is remarkably smaller and far less ominous than we fear, for while a change in perspective indeed changes the world, with Love in the driver’s seat, there will certainly be surprises and they will all prove to be for the better.

Thank you for participating! For, only YOU can do Your Part, you’re not replaceable, irrelevant or redundant. What’s truly best for you IS what’s best for all of us. Knowing what that is and allowing it to grow and change is your job #1, so, thank you again for participating!

And if you’ve found you’re way here are are reading this now, welcome to a playground for the awakening dancer in you! Here, we play with color and ideas and celebrate diversity. May you find peace and support in these pages.

CG Aaron,   12 August 2016